AMPED Beginner Parkour Class Term (7 Weeks) | 2nd Nov – 14th Dec 2022

$270.00 incl. GST

Why Parkour?

It is a sport that helps you find joy and creativity through movement, encourages and helps discover play and exploration. Through this, parkour develops functional fitness, coordination, strength, and agility. Using your body to adapt and navigate the environment, you’ll find yourself pushing boundaries and discovering what your body is truly capable of. Parkour also teaches you how to be safe: how to fall and land safely is a large component of the sport.

Who is this for?

Ages 5-12yrs. Led by experienced coaches with years of training, Amped’s parkour program caters to students of all experience levels and is great for kids who’d like to pick up the sport. Through our classes, you’ll learn how to: Build confidence and body awareness Jump effortlessly and confidently with precision Quickly and expertly navigate through urban environments Creatively use movements to interact with obstacles Build strength, fitness, grit and mental fortitude to overcome obstacles and goals.

Lesson Plan (4 Lessons)

  • Week 1 – Jumps and landing safely
  • Week 2 – Basic Vaults + Line-building
  • Week 3 – Rolls
  • Week 4 – Time Trials (Course)



    • In the event where students are not able to attend a class, they will be able to make up for the class by joining another class within the week/the next week. Please inform the coaches at least a day in advance prior to lesson date.
    • No shows for classes will not be compensated.
    • Students are allowed a maximum of 1 make up class per term.
  • Term Cancellations >14 days before term commences will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Term Cancellations made <14 days before term commences will be eligible for 50% refund.
  • No refunds for cancellations after term commences.
  • Kindly make payment within 24 hours of booking to confirm your order (otherwise order is subject to auto-cancellation).