Halloween Event 2022 – Zombie Zoo

$49.00 incl. GST

CRIKEY! The zoo animals have turned into zombies! It is now up to you to save the zoo!

Welcome to the Zombie Zoo where you will have the opportunity to help Amped by completing wild challenges and winning games facilitated by the animal zombies. As you move from enclosure to enclosure with your team, you will have to use your brains and brawns to overcome the evil residing in the park and return the Amped Zoo to its former glory.

Finish all the challenges and be the hero of the Zombie Zoo! Remember to come dressed in your favourite animal costumes to impress the Zookeeper, and If you’re lucky, get some extra candy!

  • Each fully facilitated session runs for 90 mins.
  • Recommended for ages 4 yrs and up. Adults welcome to join.
  • Jumpers 4-5yrs must have an accompanying adult in the group. Accompanying adult requires ticket.
  • All jumpers must have grip socks.
  • Free Candy will be handed out.
  • Come dressed up in your favourite costume to impress the zookepeer!




  • Covid Policy

    • This event will be run in accordance to prevailing covid policies set by the government.
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Tickets sold are non-refundable (except during event cancellation).
    • Children 4-5yrs are required to be accompanied by an adult. The adult is required to purchase a ticket.